Adding a property

Under your listing click on the policies tab to begin the policies setup. 

Click add property to being creating a property under your listing.

Type in the name you would like for the property then click Get Started to continue.

You will now see the screen for that property you created.  Under the Details tab you can modify the title if desired as well as choosing what type of unit the property is.  If you have multiple listing companies you can change which one the property should be listed under.  

Under your property click on the Rates tab to begin the rate setup for a specific property. 

Here you can just set the main listing rate that was created on the listing page or you can choose the override rate option which will then display the rate fields under the rate template drop down.

Adding in an override rate or charge under a property will take precedent over the rate that was set under the main listing rate.  

On the last tab you will find where to upload pictures of that specifc property.  Just like how you would add a photo to a listing you simply drag the photo of the property being created into the box and it will upload automatically.  Once you have all desired settings for the property click save.

You then will be taken back to the listing page on the properties tab displaying your newly created property.

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