Under Setup > Account you will begin on the first screenshot below. From there you will enter in the name for you account along with address and contact information. Next click on the Payments tab to view the fields in the screenshot below.

Payments - From here you will select your default payment methods and payment types you allow select save. From here we will move on to reservations.

Reservations -

Cancellation Percentage - This will be from the amount of the deposit that the customer has paid on their reservation.

Default Confirmation Letter - The default confirmation letter sent to customers once a reservation is made.

Default Document Shortcut on Availability - Default document located on the reservation quick menu within the grid on the availability screen.

Default Cancellation Document - Upon cancellation of a reservation this will be the document that is sent to the customer.

Default Terms & Conditions - Terms & Conditions document sent to customer.

Receipt Footer - This is information you choose to provide that is placed at the bottom of the receipts.

Receipt Header - This is information you choose to provide that is placed at the Top of the receipts.

Sort Units By - This is how the Units will be sorted on the availability screen. Finally click on the Online tab to view the configuration for the online portion of the system

Once you have all your desired info in place click save and your account setup will be complete.

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