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Creating a New Reservation
Creating a New Reservation
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Begin by selecting preferred days on the availability grid. Under the Type drop down select Guest. Here you can modify reservation details such as discounts, guests, and charges. Once you have the options desired on the reservation click next.

The next screen requires the information for the customer making the reservation. If they are an existing customer you can search for their name by typing in the search contacts field. Once you have the contact information entered press the next button to complete confirmation of this reservation.

Here you will process the reservation and create a reservation number for records. You can choose to take a deposit and process the payment now or take a payment at a later time. If you are reserving for an existing customer you may use their card on file if it is still active. Once you have the payment options and information entered click the Process Booking button to complete the reservation. You will return to the availability screen once completed.

Here you see your newly created reservation on the availability grid after completing the reservation. Click on the entry to pull up details regarding the reservation.

This is the screen where you can make additional payments, view the history of the reservation, and many other options regarding this reservation. Once you are done making changes on this reservation click the red X at the top left of the screen to return back to the availability screen.

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