Begin by selecting preferred days on the availability grid. Under the Type drop down select Group. You will then notice an options for Groups appear. You can create a new group or select a previous group. Once a group is created or selected click next to continue.

Here you will attach the main contact for the group reservation. Once all of the customer info is completed click next to continue.

Now review and complete the reservation. You will then be returned back to the availability screen which shows your reservation.

Click on the newly created group reservation to pull up its information.

Unlike a normal reservation you will notice a banner across the top notifying you that this is a group reservation.

Once you click on the button within the group banner it will take you to the group screen that lists all the reservation information for the group.

To make a payment for this group select the Transactions tab then click add payment.

To create a new reservation and add it to an existing group select the desired days for the reservation. Next select Group for the type and choose existing under the groups field.

Then under Existing Group you can choose the group you would like to assign the reservation to in the drop down.

When you reach guest info the system should assign the main contact of the group that made the initial group reservation. If you would like to assign a different contact to the reservation simply click reset contact and add the desired contact information in the fields on the screen.

Complete the reservation process and it will save the reservation under the group you attached it to. Here you can pay the entire balance for all reservations or you can click on a specific reservation under the reservations tab and pay it individually.

You can also go to an existing reservation and click the options cog then choose group. This will display a screen to create a new group or add to an existing one.

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