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To create a new unit select Create Unit.

You will see a window appear requesting the name of the unit and the unit type. Once you have put in the information click save. You will then be taken back to the main screen with that newly created unit highlighted ready for further information needed for setup.

Under the General Tab is where most of the unit information will be located. Some of what you will set up on this tab are rate codes, tax codes, if the unit is active or inactive, as well as providing a brief description and/or notes regarding details regarding this unit.

The address tab will be where you input the units physical location if needed.

If you would like a record of the owner or owners of a particular unit the Owner tab will contain this information. To add an owner you would select a contact from within your system under the select a contact drop down box. Next you would set the ownership percentage along with the start and end date of the ownership of this specific unit.

You can assign policies and charges to the unit on the Charges & Policies tab. You can select the policy from the deposit policy drop down and below that you can search the type of charges you would like to add in the Automatic Reservation Charges field. These charges will be added to any reservation on this specific unit.

To add more details to the unit by selecting amenities it may have select the Amenities & Features tab. Here simply click the boxes by the amenities that are associated with your newly created unit.

The Pictures tab is where you can upload photos of your units. Simply drag and drop the image files within the window under the pictures tab and it will begin to upload them into the system. Once completed you can then go back and move them around to your desired order.

Once all your desired information is filled out click save unit to save your settings.

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