Once you have entered in your email address and password you will be taken to the Owner Dashboard screen. Clicking on the Reservations tab will take you to the availability calendar of your unit(s).

Viewing the availability calendar you will see any reservation listed on your unit. If you have multiple units you can view another by clicking the drop down showing your unit name and choosing from your list of units. The four types of reservations you will see are Owner, Owner Guest, Guest, and Blocked.

Owner - Reservations made by you, the Owner.
 Owner Guest - A guest of the Owner, usually a free stay.
 Guest - A guest that has paid and can only be modified by the management staff.
 Blocked - A very simple type of reservation that blocks any new reservations from being made in it's place. Usually intended for maintenance or special events.

To make a reservation simply click on the date you wish to arrive on and a pop up will appear on your screen.

Next select the date range you wish to stay. Once selected click the Create Reservation button to complete your Owner reservation.

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